People live using unconsciously every-day objects.

One can think that people use these objects without thinking twice thanks
to the sensory memory which enables to accumulate experiences.
People, often, are also not conscious of their body movements.

Since morning when people perform deliberately actions like waking up and getting out of the house,
till evening when coming back home and going to sleep, or even the sleeping itself,
it doesn’t mean that they actually have a real control over all these activities.

By cleverly using man’s remarkable capacity of memorization,
we turn everyday life products and activities into symbols.
Maybe it’s a way to avoid the heavy burden of thinking of all our actions in every detail.

Pictures and movies or new ways of expressions in spatial forms,
release objects and activities in cropped representations via symbolization.

"What are these people thinking about?"
This is what I am very interested in and thus, it has also become a concept of creation.